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[PIC] in a Nutshell


We have a vision:

Everybody can master a digital camera. Not just make a picture, but set the camera accordingly to make the creative picture that exactly expresses his Photographic Intention. Just with a touch of a single button on the Photographic Intention Controller [PIC]. It suits all camera types and all user skill levels. It combines simplicity with flexibility. It's that simple that Beginners will learn it within minutes. And it perfectly blends in with advanced controls and allows Experts to quicker react to photographic opportunities.

To achieve this drastic improvement in camera usability, ...

First, we remove the Knowledge Barrier

and waive all technical terms. A photographer does not want to set an aperture and a shutter speed. Instead, his Photographic Intention is to

Then we make it as simple as possible

with just three options per parameter:

This covers the majority of typical shooting situations, and requires just a single button press of one of the nine options of a nine-way-cross-controller, the Photographic Intention Controller or [PIC]. That's so easy that a beginner can learn how to operate any [PIC]-equipped camera in less than 5 minutes.

Finally, we combine Ease-Of-Use with Flexibility

[PIC] is as easy as scene programs, but not as limiting. It encourages the Beginner to not just make pictures, but express his creativity in the pictures.
Better, when a compact camera user hits the technical limitations of his camera, he will then be able to use an advanced camera with [PIC] without any barrier, and can immediately experience the creativity enhancements of the better camera. He will love to upgrade.
Best, [PIC] blends in perfectly with the full set of aperture, shutter, ISO and other controls that advanced photographers want. Enthusiast as well as Professionals will not be restricted in their creativity at all, but gain from easier camera operation and quicker reaction to changing photographic situations.

[PIC] can be a key differentiator

for new camera purchase decisions, and will stipulate camera upgrades.

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